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Home Care Perth

Platinum Healthcare has been providing high-quality Perth home care and support services to the sick, injured, elderly and disabled since 2006.

Our services are available to privately funded clients or to Community Organisations, Workers Compensation Organisations or Private Companies that wish to purchase care services for their clients or individuals.

We provide in-home care throughout Perth.  Our services assist clients to remain independent and safe in the comfort of their own home.

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How you can ward off Alzheimer’s with good social support

If you want to ward off Alzheimer’s, it turns out that visiting friends, picnicking with others, attending parties, and even going to church might be just as good for you as crossword puzzles. Social Support and ageing … As we age, we tend to lose important social connections such as family and friends. It’s a natural result that comes about by retirement, the loss of friends and spouses to death and illness, and through family and friendly neighbours moving out of the area. The result tends to be a significant reduction in daily social contact and stimulation, and this in turn has a direct impact on an older person’s mental and physical health. Read more →